Yana Berliz Mispa Technologies: The Need Of SECURE Digital Infrastructure 

Are you a small, medium, or large enterprise working digitally? Well, that does not matter at yana berliz mispa technologies.

Is your digital work increasing day by day? Do you think your digital security is at risk? You do not need to worry because Yana Berliz Mispa Technologies has got you covered.

What is yana berliz mispa technologies?

"Yana Berliz Mispa Technologies"

This may be the foremost question on your mind, and rightfully so. Yana berliz mispa technologies are dedicated to ensuring your entire digital infrastructure.

The Digital Transformation of companies

The following statistics will help you understand the magnitude of the transformation

  1. According to Gartner, 87% of senior business leaders believe that digitalization is a priority, and 91% of organizations are currently involved in some sort of digital activity.
  2. 89% of all businesses either now use or plan to use a digital-first company approach.
  3. In a Statista study, the two top priorities for CEOs to keep their companies operating in the face of the COVID-19 epidemic were to drive digital transformation projects (37%) and to improve the remote work experience (37%).

Why choose Yana berliz mispa technologies?

"Why choose Yana Berliz Mispa Technologies" 

Choosing a cybersecurity firm is always important and tricky. So here are some facts about mispa that may help you understand their services and why they should be chosen.

The work style of mispa

With regard to technology implementation, solution design, and flexible volume adaptation, modularity provides the coverage of the widest range of customer needs.

For mispa, the term “smart” refers to the exact alignment of all services with the business and architectural processes of customers as well as the prompt achievement of quantifiable results.

The client feedback

All mispa services, from deployment to service quality, are created with maximum dependability in mind. Mispa upholds a partnership-based culture of client feedback.

Mispa analyzes the Risk.

Risk-based means that Mispa builds solutions based on the customer’s operations, available money, and the studied IT security risk.

Thus, unnecessary costs for security technology or services are avoided, and your business gets a long-lasting and financially advantageous increase in security.

Services provided by yana berliz mispa technologies.

Yana berliz mispa technologies provides 2 types of services

  1. Professional services
  2. Managed Services

Professional services by yana berliz mispa technologies

a.       Technology consulting

The consulting services are comprehensive, including everything from strategy formulation to technology and service provision. We work with you to make sure your solution fully satisfies your operational needs for availability, security, reliability, and performance.

Yana berliz mispa technologies build and implement the best solution for you using our extensive expertise as experts in the fields of infrastructure security, networks, cloud, data centers, information security, security operations, and intelligent workplace.

b.       Solution design

No matter where you are in your digital and technological journey, Mispa will assist you in implementing your new IT solution successfully.

Mispa provides cutting-edge technology solutions that benefit your company in quantifiable ways and produce remarkable outcomes.

c.       Technology Implementation

Yana berliz mispa technologies is in charge of putting solutions and technology into use and integrating them. The deployment is dependable, economical, and reduces downtime for the infrastructure based on extensive knowledge and industry best practises.

Mispa’s technical proficiency enables us to address all the components—including infrastructure, vendors, custom and conventional business applications—needed to establish the ideal hybrid IT environment.


Managed services by yana berliz mispa technologies

a.       Global Operations center

You may optimize, upgrade, and revolutionize your technology and solution strategy with the help of Mispa’s experts.

These experts track and determine your infrastructure needs. Solutions for controlling corporate operations and ensuring compliance with laws and compliance requirements are offered by our strong IT service management platform.

Mispa experts may offer ways to better coordinate people, processes, and systems to contribute favorably to your IT optimization once we have a thorough grasp of your company.

To sustainably improve your infrastructure, the Managed Team provides services based on the ITIL standard.

b.       Global technology center

In the fields of advanced technology management, troubleshooting, and innovation, mispa GTC collaborates directly with our clients.

This department’s goal is to design cutting-edge technological solutions, boost ROI, and develop new service horizons for our clients that meet or surpass industry standards.

The professionals guarantee the success of your IT initiatives by giving you access to comprehensive technical know-how and flexible technology that supports business transformation.

The GTC team now additionally provides professional service and pre-sales departments with cutting-edge cross-vendor consulting services. and systems to contribute favourably to your IT optimization once we have a thorough grasp of your company.

c.       Global security operations center

"yana berliz mispa technologies security operations center"

To achieve the highest level of cyber security, communication between your IT infrastructure and the Security Operation Center (SOC) must be centralized and coordinated.

Yana berliz mispa technologies experts integrate technologies, put in place security precautions, regularly assess the organization’s security, and draw up a strategy to counter abnormalities and cyberattacks.

By recognizing and categorizing infrastructure risks and acting swiftly and efficiently to stop data loss, data theft, and espionage, our professionals safeguard the reputation of your business.

Your SOC is operated using cross-industry knowledge, a dependable workforce, and mispa’s specific cyber security expertise.

The cybersecurity threat to your enterprise

Here are some latest statistics on cybersecurity threats

1. According to PwC’s 2022 Global Digital Trust Insights, more firms (66%) anticipate increased spending on cybersecurity compared to prior years. More than a third of these businesses forecast double-digit growth in cyber spending.

2. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, between 2021 and 2025, spending on cyber security products and services will climb to $1.75 trillion due to an increase in cybercrime and the necessity for consumers and organizations to protect themselves against it.

3. In order to determine the biggest problems facing CISOs and CIOs, Deloitte conducted a poll in 2021. More than 40% of respondents said that hybrid IT and transformation were the most challenging aspects of managing cyber security.

These statistics suggest that it is better to be safe than sorry.

The damage done due to lack of cybersecurity

The economics of cybersecurity show a huge imbalance in terms of loss and gain. It is better to get someone like yana berliz mispa technologies instead of paying huge and absurd ransoms.

The projected increase in cybercrime

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, during the next three years, the cost of cybercrime will increase by 15% yearly, reaching $10.5 trillion USD annually by 2025 from $3 trillion USD in 2015.

In addition to being exponentially larger than the damage caused by natural disasters in a year, this represents the largest transfer of economic wealth in history and poses a threat to the incentives for innovation and investment.

It will also be more lucrative than the global trade in all major illegal drugs put together.

The Cost of cybercrime.

Costs of cybercrime include data loss and damage, money theft, lost productivity, intellectual property theft, theft of financial and personal data, fraud, disruption of business operations following an attack, forensic investigation, restoration and deletion of compromised data and systems, and reputational damage.

The solutions of yana berliz mispa technologies.

Mispa is modular, smart, Reliable and risk-based and so are its solutions.

The solutions of mispa include the following

  1. SD-WAN solution
  2. Email security
  3. Cloud and digitalization
  4. Web security
  5. Security operation center

SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network) solution

To attain speed and agility as a digital organization, cloud first tactics must be regularly applied.

Companies today need this development, but it is being bogged down by antiquated network and security architectures. Businesses may achieve the necessary flexibility and security with mispa SD-WAN solutions while also reducing costs.

Features of SD-WAN solutions

  1. Global private backbone network
  2. Edge SD-WAN
  3. Next Generation Firewall
  4. Secure Web Gateway
  5. Advanced threat prevention
  6. Cloud and mobile access and optimization

1.       Global private backbone network

"Global private backbone network"

Yana berliz mispa technologies tackle the issue of worldwide connectivity with the help of our SD-WAN partner.

Profit from a steadily increasing network of over 60 Locations of Presence (PoPs) in only Tier 4 and IS0 27001 certified data centers at important economic account points throughout the world.

Develop your worldwide network on top of this reliable, secure base.

2.       Edge SD-WAN

A zero-touch device, the Edge SD-WAN device may be set up in a matter of minutes.

There are two models of these sockets available: ones for data centres and ones for branch offices. Mispa Network Operations Center continually updates and monitors them (NOC).

The edge SD-WAN device implements the redundant, encrypted, and high-performance connectivity that is otherwise only possible with MPLS, with all the logic taking place in the SD-WAN cloud.

3.       Next-Generation Firewall

A high-performance, enterprise-grade, elastic, and scalable solution that grows with your organization is offered by the cloud-based (Firewall as a Service) Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) of the mispa SD-WAN solution without the usual drawbacks of on-premises firewall hardware solutions.

To analyze both inbound and outbound traffic and enforce business security policies, it uses deep packet inspection (DPI) and various security engines.

4.       Secure Web gateway

Users are shielded from phishing, malware, and other online dangers through Secure Web Gateway (SWG).

Your websites, mobile devices, and users working from home are all protected. In contrast to conventional firewalls, Secure Web Gateways do this by concentrating on inspecting all Layer 7 web traffic, including inbound and outbound.

As your company expands, a cloud-based solution simply scales performance.

5.       Advanced Threat protection

Network security and other relevant defenses are combined to provide advanced threat protection, which is used to counter both existing and new threats.

Effective security today requires advanced threat protection in the form of a self-maintaining and regularly updated cloud service.

Customers gain from the SD-WAN solution’s integrated intrusion detection and prevention system (IDS/IPS).

6.       Cloud and mobile access and optimization

"yana berliz mispa technologies Cloud Digitalization"

Secure remote access to the cloud or corporate network from the home office or while traveling is the new standard in business today.

However, when remote users use cloud services like AWS and Office 365, typical centralized access solutions are a bad choice.

Limitations are a thing of the past now that the yana berliz mispa technologies SD-WAN solution offers all employees secure, high-performance access.

Email security

"yana berliz mispa technologies Email security"

Electronic mail or Email is one of the most used modes of formal online communication. The security for email is very significant as it may possess sensitive information.

Email is the best form of communication, but it is also one of the major weaknesses in a company’s IT security.

A first step is to educate workers aware of the risks, but it’s also crucial to implement security measures that permit mistakes to be made unintentionally without repercussions.


Features of email security

  1. NextGen mail Security
  2. Secure data communication
  3. SIEM (Security information and event management)

1.       NextGen mail security

"NextGen mail security"

This feature incorporates cutting-edge security features that allow for quicker threat detection, blocking, and remediation, data loss prevention, and end-to-end encryption security for sensitive data in transit.

2.       Secure data communication

The solution portfolio offers data loss prevention, secure file transmission, and email encryption in addition to typical email security (DLP)

3.       SIEM

A method for collecting and examining all security-related events is provided by SIEM For Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).

Cloud and Digitalization

"Cloud and Digitalization"

Increased Internet usage, quick cloud adoption, and an increase in mobile users all pose significant hazards to your network.

Industrial espionage and cyberattacks can great financial and physical harm to businesses.

An all-encompassing solution must be put into place to safeguard web data traffic so that employees can use the Internet safely.

Features of Cloud and digitalization  

  1. Secure cloud access
  2. Cloud Data Security
  3. Mobile Cloud access

Secure Cloud Access

Cloud security solutions from yana berliz mispa technologies give businesses access to their data while maintaining control.

They may automatically classify data, choose which data is kept and processed at which location, and centrally manage the use of cloud apps inside their organization.

They can additionally specify different protection levels using data classification.

Cloud data security

Mispa offers real-time security monitoring, agentless zero-day data and threat protection, data leakage protection, access and identity management, and data leakage prevention as part of cloud security.

Mobile cloud access

Additionally, mispa solutions guarantee private access to cloud data from any mobile device, including employees’ personal smartphones or PCs.

Web Security

More mobile users, increasing cloud adoption, and rising Internet consumption expose your network to new dangers.

Companies engage in industrial espionage or cyberattacks that result in significant damage. A complete web traffic protection system should be implemented to allow employees to access the Internet safely.

Features of web security

  1. Secure Web
  2. Web-Application firewalls
  3. SIEM (security information and event management)

1.       Secure Web

Prior to an employee accessing them, automatically and proactively block potentially hazardous websites.

2.       Web-application firewalls

Protection from harmful bots, protection against cyberattacks, and data encryption at the app level.

3.       SIEM

Yana berliz mispa technologies provides a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system that gathers and examines all security-related events.

Mispa’s Security operations center

"Mispa's security operations center"

An efficient and secure IT system is necessary. A significant difficulty is the monitoring of all IT systems, attack detection, and attack prevention.

Network and system security monitoring for on-premises, off-premises, and cloud-based networks and systems is centralised by the mispa Security Operations Center (SOC).

Yana berliz mispa technologies SOC service is designed for small and medium-sized businesses in order to monitor and safeguard the clients’ IT environments sustainably and dependably. It uses cutting-edge, market-leading technology.

The core components of internal and external threat detection, analysis, and defence are the foundation of mispa’s SOC solution, which also includes evaluation and reporting services.

The cycle of the Security operations center

  1. Vulnerability Scanning
  2. Cloud Infrastructure Assessment
  3. User and Asset configuration
  1. Cloud-intrusion
  2. Network-intrusion
  3. Host-intrusion
  4. Attacks on end devices
  1. SIEM-Event-Correlation
  2. Monitoring user activities
  1. Automation and orchestration of defense measures
  2. Threat detection based on forensic analysis
  1. Compliance reports (ISO, DSVGO, PCI-DSS)
  2. Event reports
  3. Customizable dashboards
  4. Log data storage for 12 months.


Yana berliz mispa technologies offer cyber security for all types of enterprises. They offer different types of services for different requirements. Their methods are very detail oriented and work effectively. They provide their users with reports as well as they take care of their data. Mispa works worldwide with offices in Germany and India. Giving Europe and Asia a slight edge.

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