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Before jumping into the “Our tyrant became young Spoiler” lets discuss our tyrant became young first. So, what is our tyrant became young? And what does our tyrant became young spoiler have for us?

Our tyrant became young

Our tyrant became young is an ongoing Manhwa. The genre is a mix of action, adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, and Slice of Life. It has a total of 24 chapters currently. The 24th Chapter was translated from Korean to English in November 2022.

A recap our tyrant became young  

"A recap our tyrant became young spoiler"

In episode 24 of our tyrant became young, Lipi and Persilion were writing their wishes. Lipi thought that the young highness was cute. Persilion was acting arrogantly in most parts.

In the end, they go to the sacred pond in the middle of the shrine. The pond is showing the adult version of Persilion as it reveals the true identities of the ones who look into it.

Lipi asks the pond if she can become the richest person on the continent but no answer is received.

Lili wants to break the persilions’ curse at the very end as the chapter comes to an end.

This is the last translated episode of our tyrant became young.

Now let’s take a look at our tyrant became young spoiler

Our tyrant became young spoiler

"Our tyrant became young spoiler"

We will talk about spoilers in the next 2 episodes 25 and 26.

Our tyrant became young spoiler: episode 25

"Our tyrant became young spoiler: episode 25"

Our tyrant became young spoiler start from episode 25 where we can see that our protagonist is asking something acting rude and finally with a smirk on his face. The baby version of Persilion is very cute as he orders around very one.

We also see parts of a haunted house with traces of blood. Not very sure what the blood is about but it may become clear in the next episodes.

The ending starts with a witch coming out of the haunted house which is very fitting to the theme. Persilion is close to the witch while lipi looks afraid of her. The witch also casts some kind of spell that results in fire. 

Our tyrant became young spoiler: Episode 26

"Our tyrant became young spoiler: episode 26"

The episode starts in a library with Lipi looking exhausted possibly from the pile of books in front of her. The further pages suggest she has not found what she was searching for.

We can also see her talking to the librarian for possibly some guidance. 

A few pages further the younger version Persilion is sitting on a chair too big for his size. Anyways, he and Lipi have a chat about some incident, and Lipi try’s to get away from that by giving him a cover story (not exactly sure what she has in mind).

In the later parts of the episode, we see Lipi on the street with a man. Persilion is looking from a first-floor window in the building behind her.

The man kisses her hand making her blush, which is of course seen by Persilion.

Realizing this Lipi looks back and Persilion looks back disapprovingly and shuts the window with a curtain.

Lipi continues to feel the moment with this man as the episode draws towards an end with a smile on Lipi’s face.

More About Our tyrant became young spoiler

"More About Our tyrant became young spoiler"

Our tyrant became young spoiler is trending right now these days. It has been going very highly known in the Manhwa world. I am sure that the s Our tyrant became young spoiler details are already getting the readers excited.          

Where to read Our tyrant became young?

The comic comes in two languages. i.e English translation and Korean.

For English translated version of “Our tyrant became young”

There are many Manhwa websites to read the translated chapters of our tyrant became young. But I like zinmanga.

Where to read the Korean Version of Our tyrant became young?

There are not many websites on this but let me cut to the chase for you. Just go to dto and start reading Korean chapters.

This is the place from where we got the pictures and spoilers for the next English-translated chapters.

Our tyrant became young Chapter 1

"Our tyrant became young Chapter 1"

Launched back in 2018 this was the base of our tyrant became young spoiler.

Our tyrant became young chapter 1 has a lot of juice in it. Unfortunately, we can not read you the whole chapter. But we can do is to give you a summary of it. It will interest for you to decide whether you would like to read the comic if you are new.

It can also be a good memory for those who have been long fans of the Manhwa.

The summary of Our tyrant became young chapter 1

I once controlled a fictional character. She pushed the “Female Lead x Emperor” coupling into the book.

She was sent here to experience the entire tale on the day I cried over the two characters who don’t finish up together. “Stand in line to hear my prophecy” I started to profit from the book’s substance. Guys!

You don’t necessarily have to get married, but you have a lot more money than I do. She, therefore, brings to the Imperial City after three months.

The story of Persilion and Lipi

We are all familiar with the tale of Persilion, a member of the imperial family and frequently referred to as “that youngster.”

The youngest of three brothers who have succeeded as Emperors, he is also. He was the last of his family when he was a child, but his mother Belia saved him. Our tyrant became young spoiler is better understood after reading this.

Persilion learns about his magical talents, which are a portion of his powers, at the end of the book, after he has reached adulthood. He can use his strength to assist his mother in healing Princess Sheril, who was hurt during a battle.

Another significant figure whose life runs parallel to the main plot is Lippi. She started out as a hairy, aegyo girl before becoming a prophet.

Lipi was an aegyo girl with hair who became a prophet. She was possessed by a book she’d read before.

She became more well-known and made money by reciting the book’s contents.

The story of the tyrant’s military school

A military school is a facility that educates young people. They focus on making people become morally upright citizens.

They place a strong focus on education, moral development, and sportsmanship.

The Military school does not accept pupils whose primary intention is to leave, unlike a traditional boarding school. They instead accept people who can deal with structure.

They have a broad curriculum that places equal focus on challenging academics, physical fitness, good sportsmanship, and leadership. Their athletics department is top-notch.

They can also give their students tests in various sports, like golf and motocross. Some institutions even make a show of being able to place students in both college and the military. I hope that reading this will help you appreciate Our tyrant became young spoiler.

When are the new episodes of Our tyrant became young coming out?

" tyrant new chapter"

We do not have that information currently.

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